Новая машина скорой помощи HYUNDAI H1 Petrol

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25 900 $
Цена с НДС
≈ 25 050 €
≈ 2 124 000 KGS
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Модель H1 Petrol
Тип машина скорой помощи
Год выпуска 2022
Место расположения Арабские Эмираты Dubai
Дата размещения 30 июл 2022
Machineryline ID GE3509
Топливо бензин
Состояние новый
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Model Name: H1 VAN
Model Year : 2022
Body Type: VAN
Transmission: MANUAL , 5- Speed with Overdrive
Safety: ABS + Airbags
Type/ Fuel Type: 2359 CC ,4 Cyl in Line /PETROL
Dimension: Lx Wx H mm 5125 x 1920 x 1935
Wheelbase: mm 3200
Curb Weight: kgs 2227
Tire Size 215/70R16
Fuel Tank Capacity Ltrs. 75


Aluminium composite panels for interior walls, side panels and roofs in the patient compartment. Floor:
18mm water proof plywood coated with vinyl floor with raised edges, antistatic, anti-slippery and easy to clean.
Bulk head 18mm PVC intecel sheet partition between driver and patient compartment with a sliding window door.
Polyurethane thermal Insulation in the patient compartment to prevent from heat and cold Cabinets:
- Made of PVC intecel plywood which is water proof and heat resistance
- Main cabinet for medical equipment and material storage at the left side wall and oxygen storage compartment integrated in the same cabinet near to partition wall left side.
- Acrylic sliding doors with aluminum sliding channels at the necessary places
All windows are tinted with frosted film Seats:
- Doctor or EMS Seat mounted in the original floor rails, arm rest, head rest and adjustable backrest 2 point seat belt
- Squad bench or attendant seat at the right side with back rest and 2 point safety belts integrated, underneath storage box with open top Grab handle:
- One small handle mounted on the rear entrance door at the right side

IV Hook:
- Installed above the left side cabinet with movable IV holder near to patient Central Oxygen System:
- Heat resistance Oxygen hoses connection from oxygen cylinder to quick connects - 2 no’s 10L Oxygen cylinders

- 2 no’s Flowmeter with humidifier
- 2 no’s Regulator with pressure gauge
- 2 no’s of Oxygen outlets or quick connect Air condition and ventilation:
- 12V ventilation fan with integrated light installed at the rear side roof
- Separate AC unit wall mounted at the front side partition in patient compartment Electrical equipment:
- Control panel box with fuse
- 220 V socket
- 12V socket in patient compartment
- Inverter
Interior lighting:
- LED ceiling light

Exterior Lighting:
- LED Light bar siren 100W mounted at the front roof top Red and amber
- Siren control unit with microphone installed on the driver compartment
- 2 no’s roof f beacon lights mounted in the rear area
- Halogen lights at loading entrance rear side

Lettering & Livery design:
- Ambulance front sticker mirror image
- As per customer requirement

 Main stretcher CE Approved
 Foldable stretcher
 Portable suction unit
 Wall mounted BP Apparatus
 Stethescope
 Ambu bag
 Syrringes
 Face mask
 First aid kit for 50 persons
 First aid kit for 5 and 3 persons
 Syringes 5 ml and 3 ml
 Cervical collar
 Face mask
 Sharp container
 Hand sanitizer
 Guaza swab large and small
 IV Cannulla

 Map reading light
 Disposible bed sheet
 Gloves
 Ramp for the stretcher
 Cotton Roll
 Rescue hammer
 Fire extinguisher

For export outside of EU countries only.
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